Little Ninjas

Ninja Class - 3-5 Year Olds

*Monthly Tuition

Bring your 3-5 year old over to begin their work on tumbling, coordination and ninja sport skills with the help of our Ninja Trainer.



Ninja Class - 5-14 Year Olds

*Monthly Tuition

Ninja Zone is an exciting sport for energetic kids. Your athlete will experience an innovative fusion of martial arts, gymnastics, obstacle course training and freestyle movement.

The typical ninja ages will range from 5 to 14 years old.

Assessment required to enroll for the Yellow/Green class

Curious Caterpillars

Mommy and Me Gymnastics 15 months - 3 Year Olds

*Monthly Tuition

Parents are assisting their 15 month to 3 year old Caterpillar with the basics of gymnastics at the direction our Coach. Your caterpillar will explore their curiosity in our upstairs training room.


Brave Butterflies

Beginning Gymnastics - 3-4 Year Olds

*Monthly Tuition

Your 3 to 4 year old Butterfly will start honing their listening skills while working on their coordination and balance. Their bravery will take them from bar hanging, to jumping and to beam work while working on the foundations set in Curious Caterpillars.


​Fearless Falcons

Beginning Gymnastics - 4-5 Year Olds

*Monthly Tuition

Here, your Butterfly becomes a Falcon, focusing on technique. Typically 4 to 5 years old, their fearlessness will take them into perfecting their handstand while beginning to master the control of their body as they continue to build their skills on the floor, beam and bars.


​Determined Dolphins

Beginning Gymnastics - 6 Year Olds and above​

*Monthly Tuition

A great transition from Falcons and the staring point for athletes 6 years old and up. This is where we begin all those that have not had apparatus experience. Their determination will help gain experience on vault, bars, and beam while perfecting their skills learned on floor. All children must pass this level before moving on to the next level.


Optimistic Otters​

Intermediate Gymnastics - Assessment Required

*Monthly Tuition

From Dolphins to Otters! These optimists continually build upon their foundation of technique and control on all 4 apparatus. Here we start to go beyond the basics now that they have full control on vault, bar, beam, and floor. Everyone in this class has a fully developed cartwheel, round off, and handstand, on floor, has achieved the body control, and beginner skills on bars, comfortable with the height of beam, balance and coordination; developed proper running technique, and capability of compressing the board for vault.

Assessment required to enroll in any of these classes


Responsible Raccoons

Intermediate Gymnastics - Assessment Required

*Monthly Tuition

These Raccoons have passed their Otter class. The responsibility of these Raccoons will be unmatched. Your Raccoon will now attend two days a week. We will start to surpass all basic foundations and work more challenging skills. Here they become responsible for their own gymnastics. We will start working on developing what direction their gymnastics is headed. Vault, bars, beam, and floor basics have been fully integrated and now we begin the journey of expanding our ability.

Assessment required to enroll in any of these classes


Loyal Lions

Intermediate Gymnastics - Assessment Required

*Monthly Tuition

The transition from Raccoon to Loyal Lion will be a smooth one.​

These Lions' skill progression will be constant. We'll continue to focus on our control and technique on floor routines, vault, uneven bars and beam. This is where we will work upcoming competitive gymnasts. Working on achieving the skills needed in their future levels.

Assessment Required


Powerful Penguins​

Intermediate Gymnastics - Assessment Required

*Monthly Tuition

Next up after Loyal Lions, our Penguins look forward to coming in a couple times a week, using their power to hone their technique for tumbling and apparatus skills needed for competition.

Our penguins have a competitive drive. Here we start to work on routines for their first year of competition. These Penguins have the drive to go far in their gymnastics. We work on strength development as well as evolving their skills to more challenging skills

Assessment Required

Girls Competitive Team

This is where Gymnasts begin their competitive career as athletes.

They will have fun (yes, FUN) making new friends, gaining self-confidence, & performing,

Tryouts are in April.

Annual commitment required - June - May.​

Competition season runs November - March

A typical season will have 8 to 10 meets with 1 destination meet.

In the past we have competed in Las Vegas, Rapid City, Park City, Anaheim, Colorado Springs, Aurora, and Galveston.