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Ashlee Lowndes Photo

Ashlee Lowndes, Owner & Head Coach

As the founder of Casper Gymnastics Center (CGC), Ashlee fosters young gymnasts’ potential with passion and dedication. She finds joy in their growth, witnessing not only the mastering of new skills, but the personal growth of each student. Ashlee’s rewarding work focuses on helping gymnasts achieve their goals and become well-rounded individuals, instilling values of confidence, respect, and perseverance. She approaches challenges with research and collaboration to ensure every student’s success.

Ashlee’s top advice for aspiring athletes is to remember “that through perseverance you can accomplish all you set your mind to. Always be kind to those you meet, and know that your coaches are your biggest cheerleader.” Beyond coaching, Ashlee is a mother, wife, and pet lover who has a heart for seeing others succeed in life. 

Certified by USAG, safe sport, CPR/First Aid, and with an associate’s in Nutrition and over 24 years of coaching experience, Ashlee’s expertise shapes CGC’s success. She cherishes CGC as a second home, where she uses gymnastics and ninja activities to cultivate skills in flexibility, strength, confidence, and resilience, setting a foundation for life’s challenges. Under Ashlee’s leadership, CGC shines as a center of growth, friendship, and lifelong lessons for young athletes in our community.

Meet Brianne Rauzi, our dedicated Manager and Coach at Casper Gymnastics Center. Brianne’s passion lies in nurturing and fostering self-confidence in our gymnasts, watching them blossom into exceptional individuals. She specializes in unlocking their potential, guiding them from timid to confident, and loves seeing them light up with excitement as they conquer challenges.

Brianne’s coaching philosophy revolves around teamwork and belief in her gymnasts’ abilities. She encourages them to pause and breathe, and together, they uncover solutions. Failure is seen as part of the learning journey, empowering gymnasts to grow through setbacks. Through her coaching, Brianne instills values of self-worth, goal-setting, hard work, and positivity.

With a rich background as a longtime gymnast and active Women’s Gymnastics Judge, Brianne brings a wealth of expertise to CGC. Holding a BS in Exercise Science and a minor in Psychology, she enriches her coaching with a deep understanding of both physical and mental aspects. To Brianne, CGC isn’t just a gym—it’s a nurturing ground where gymnasts develop into exceptional individuals. Her focus on creating well-rounded athletes who understand that self-worth goes beyond wins or losses defines the culture at CGC.

Bianne Rauzi Photo

Brianne Rauzi, Business Manager & Coach